Our Story

Building with Aluminium is nothing new. Although one of the newest metals discovered, for the last 20 years, we’ve been leveraging the innovations in the aluminium industry to “Building New Zealand’s beautiful”.

With the growing need for housing and the allure of apartment living continuing to gain momentum, scaling up the construction processes and delivery, developers and their build partners struggle to meet demand and keep costs low.

In 2020, we introduced the Grappler unitised balcony system, and we took the opportunity to extend the outlook of the New Zealand construction industry, elevating it to another level.

What we do

Grappler is a New Zealand manufactured balcony system that’s faster, easier and smarter than anything seen before.

Grappler balconies are a lightweight aluminium modular system that significantly reduces the weight, structural load, saves time and budget without compromising style, sophistication and strength.One supplier for all balcony works, with a single warrant.

We Save Time

We achieve offsite manufacturing and installation in a fraction of the time compared to traditional methods.

We Save Money

With an overall lower total cost of ownership, a lower carbon footprint, and many different options and components compared to traditional balconies.

We Save Effort

We work directly with our clients to address their needs and how they can best support their customers.

Revolutionary precision-engineered balcony system

An innovative, lightweight unitised balcony system offers specifiers huge benefits over existing options. Considerably more speedy and efficient, the Grappler balcony looks set to become a game changer for the Australasian building industry.

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Grappler is the smartest choice for your next project.