11 Sep, 2021 , 12:09

Stepping it up a level

Today, balcony solutions are becoming an essential part of multi-dwelling units, especially when creating an appealing outdoor space that people want to spend time on. At the same time, balconies are a more challenging part of the build process than ever due to complicated architectural requirements and the time they contribute to the project. It can be challenging even with an experienced, reliable contractor who can deliver the project on time and within budget.

At Grappler, our team of experts has been helping customers design, manufacture and build balcony solutions, and we’re always looking to share our knowledge so clients can get the most out of your next construction project too!

Our goal is to build balconies that are safer, more durable, easier to maintain, and more affordable than anything else on the market.

We have recently finished a proof of concept for a new client; they initially approached us directly with the idea. We helped them by writing the RFP (request for a proposal) for the main contractor. It was a very collaborative process between our team, the engineers, engineering consultants and the facade consultant to develop a Grappler balcony system that would work for them now and in the future.

As with the construction of any building, it can be a lengthy process, usually taking several months. However, this client is learning how balconies are more efficient and easier to install using the Grappler system.

In the context of this project, we are proving what we already know, that by designing and manufacturing offsite, we take out all the risks associated with current concrete balcony construction. In turn, we create a faster building process that can save significant time from construction schedules.

We have created a customer-specific Grappler balcony design for this client that we will replicate on new projects moving forward. The next time a customer has a construction project and needs balconies, we can refer to this profile to ensure they get all their requirements in one easy package.

We know this will be a new concept for some people, but it is also a new concept that is gaining momentum.

At Grappler, we deliver everything, from design, engineering, manufacturing, and installation, and it’s just getting better and better as we go. Come and talk to us about your next balcony project.

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