Introducing the Grappler balcony.




The Grappler system brings speed and value by removing everything that would previously weigh down and hold up apartment design and construction.


In the past, with everything working like clockwork, traditional methods of balcony construction may have resulted in one or two balconies per week being completed.

International analysis shows that the Grappler system ensures it’s easy to install at least 15 balconies in a single day.

Less moving parts. 
Less time taken.
Less budget needed.

Just like most things in life, if you want to go faster you first need to drop the deadweight. With Grappler there are less moving parts and far less project management and time-consuming processes needed. So there are no more meetings with multiple contractors to get everyone to the right place at the right time.

The Grappler balcony also dramatically reduces the scaffolding duration, programme timelines, and does away with material site storage requirements as well. With the building façade closed off earlier weather delays are reduced too.

This all means that balconies need no longer be a critical path item within the construction programme and, with an accelerated project time, there’s a quicker return on investment.



Adaptability in design, accuracy in production, precision in scheduling and absolute ease with installation – isn’t it nice when everything just clicks into place?


The modern NZ apartment demands considerable energy and determination from developers, architects, engineers and builders. Resources are stretched across process, consent and scheduling demands. Within this challenging industry landscape any efficiency gains are welcomed. Off-site balcony construction is an idea whose time has come.

The innovative Grappler system makes life easy during the planning and design stages. With just one contractor required for all balcony design, fabrication and installation works there is a single warranty and far greater financial accuracy with project budgeting. With a compressed programme site P&G is reduced and ease of consenting is valuable, with one PS1, PS2, PS3, PS4 covering all balcony elements.

Architects can take advantage of a range of tools and advise, with 3D configuration early on ensuring quick, accurate design reviews. Then there are all the elements they no longer need to worry about, including minimal façade penetrations and considerable waterproofing capability, and no floor step downs or upstands helps too.

One contractor. One consent.
One hundred new efficiencies.
One million opportunities.

Another advantage of the Grappler balcony is the impressive reduction in on-site labour. In the past multiple teams of specialised skill-sets would need careful coordination. Grappler requires just a few expert installers to get the job done – which means far less in H&S demands too.



Balcony design, construction and installation have been taken to the next level. With Grappler innovation you can make above the first floor beyond the ordinary.

Fewer goes faster
Say goodbye to the builders,
the weatherproofers,
the electricians, scaffolders
and balustrade installers.
Say hello to a
small and incredibly efficient
Grappler installation team.

While popular in Europe for centuries, where the outdoor apartment lifestyle is exalted, the balcony is only now rising to the occasion here in New Zealand.

With building design evolving to suit the unique requirements of our weather, our people, and our communities, the balcony is no longer a ‘nice-to-have’ but an essential feature.

Yet traditional methods of balcony design and construction added cost and stress to the construction process. With multiple contractors, complex waterproof details and a large investment in scaffolding and other processes, these costs were considerable.

Ultra-fast installation.
Super-strong construction.
Enduring style and usability.

Demand for balcony apartments is rising – and new innovation is helping meet that demand. Now, with the arrival of Grappler, building smarter has never been easier.

So too is design. Customised balconies are now easy to design, consent and build.
Adding unique balustrades, privacy screens, lighting, planting and other features is straightforward.

Off-site production then ensures everything is made expertly and exactly made. On-site installation makes short work of sliding and locking everything in place. And it’s all done at a fraction of the time and with a fraction of the people needed – saving hundreds of work hours across the full project installation.